Working with Susan

The most important thing a writing coach can do is make you feel comfortable, confident and safe in sharing your writing individually or in a group setting. A writing coach is like an athletic coach. She guides, encourages, cajoles and motivates you to write and keep writing!

Private Sessions

Work with Susan one-on-one — in person, on the phone or by e-mail. These sessions can be individualized to fit your needs, goals and skill level. In many cases, the session will start with you reading what you have written and Susan will listen (as a reader) for what is working in the piece and what can be improved. Susan can teach you how to write your story more dramatically with more emotion and tension whether you are writing fiction or memoir. Most importantly, Susan will guide you about where to write next and that will keep you writing!

You can arrange to have private sessions with Susan weekly, biweekly or monthly. The more you attend, the more consistent and routine your Writing with Susan will be!

Group Sessions

Join a group led by Susan and improve your fiction or non-fiction writing in a safe, structured group process. Each group participant has the opportunity to read from a work in progress or a new piece of writing and be given positive, productive feedback. This feedback will help you see what was working in the piece and how you can improve it in response to reader’s questions that come up in the group. You can also learn by giving feedback to others under Susan’s group facilitation.

Groups can meet in the evenings or during the day.

For more information about group sessions, check out Susan’s Weekly Writing Group.

Fees & Costs

Fees for individual sessions are based on an hourly rate. Fees for group sessions are based on the number of people in the workshop or class. In setting up a customized workshop or class, travel costs for Susan may be included.

Contact Susan for her current fees for private and group sessions.