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Susan is the published author of fiction and non-fiction as well as numerous magazine, newspaper and newsletter articles. She has worked as a teacher and writing coach for the last twenty years, helping writers with creative expression and storytelling skills.


Published Books

Susan is the author of several fiction and non-fiction books she published through her company, Butterfly Bliss Productions LLC.

  • Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse 

This non-fiction  book, published in 2016, is the first in The Thriver Zone Series™. It contains the motivational guidance that Susan  has successfully used as the award-winning originator and facilitator of My Avenging Angel Workshops™ to help women who have been abused reclaim their lives.

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 Awaken:  The Awakening of the Human Spirit on a Healing Journey

When nineteen-year-old Lacey Lockhart is killed by her possessive, controlling ex-boyfriend, she is trapped inside the body of Lisette La Tour, a straight-talking, no-nonsense stripper, wounded by childhood abuse who dances under the stage name of “Attila the Hunny.”

Lacey and Lisette share the spotlight on stage as well as on an urgent journey to avenge what has happened to them. Awaken is a gripping account of the awakening of the human spirit that will bring on healing and recovery set against a world of obsession, abuse, and abandonment.

This novel, published in 2017, is the first book in The Best Revenge Series™ based on the idea that living well is the best revenge!

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  • Staying in the Thriver Zone: A Road Map to Manifest a Life of Power and Purpose

This non-fiction book, published in 2018, is the second book in The Thriver Zone  Series™ It contains the The Road Map for the Journey to the Real YOU which Susan has successfully used with hundreds of women helping them take the journey from victim to survivor to thriver after abuse. She invites you to complete your journey to thriving with interactive exercises, writing prompts and thriver success stories.

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  Emerge: The Opening of the Human Heart to the Power of Love

Ten years after the murder of Lacey Lockhart, Lisette LaTour revisits the college town where Lacey was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend, Ari. No longer dancing under the name of Atilla the Hunny and adrift as to her career goals, Lisette longs to connect with something bigger and deeper in her life.

When Ambrose, the angry, homeless man she encountered a decade ago, proposes a scheme, Lisette senses danger. At what cost could she regain the kind of love she lost at the age of ten when her mother died?

Emerge is a heartfelt story of the power of unconditional love that creates in the human heart a sense of home, togetherness and possibility. This novel, published in 2017, is the second book in The Best Revenge Series™ based on the idea that living well is the best revenge!

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Other Published Books

Susan is an attorney and the author of three legal non-fiction books.

1. Sex-Based Employment Discrimination, a comprehensive 750-page manual for attorneys containing materials on the theory and practice of sex discrimination law. Published by West Group.
Download first 24 pages of SBE Discrimination (PDF file)

2. Sexual Harassment in Employment: A Lawyer’s Handbook, a practical, working handbook for lawyers on sexual harassment and employer liability. Published by Clark, Boardman & Callaghan, Chicago, Illinois.

3. What Every Employer Should Be Doing About Sexual Harassment, a handbook for employers, personnel and human resources staff that explains the laws outlawing sexual harassment and offers practical advice to investigate complaints and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Published by Bureau of Law & Business, Madison, Connecticut.


Published Articles

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The Hartford Courant, November 2007
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Woman Magazine
, June, 2003
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Woman Magazine
, April 2003
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Other Opinion article, The Hartford Courant, December 22, 2000
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Finding Answers to Violence and A Way to Remember Maggie
Other Opinion article, The Hartford Courant, November 23, 1999
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