Classes & Workshops

There are lots of ways to experience Writing With Susan. A great place to start is with a writing class or workshop taught by Susan Omilian. Susan offers classes and workshops in the Greater Hartford Connecticut area. She is also available to host them in any location. See below for some of her current offerings.

Contact Susan today if you are interested in having her offer one of these classes, or any others, in your area.

From Memory to Memoir: Writing Your Life Story

A three-session class or six-hour workshop
Private coaching available

Turn memories of significant events in your life into a memoir for your children and grandchildren.  Learn where to start, how to get organized and keep going until you finish. Get tips on pictures and documents to include and how to self-publish your story. No previous writing experience required.

Writing from Inside Out: Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

A three-session class or six-hour workshop
Private coaching available

Find yours inside your dreams, your childhood memories and even your wildest fantasies. In this class, we’ll let them come out through guided imagery, visualization and dream work. Discover the most vivid stories and vibrant characters for your fiction, non-fiction or memoirs. No previous writing experience required.

Writing in Scene: The Building Block of Storytelling

Two-to-four session class or six-hour workshop
Private coaching available

Writing in dynamic “in-the-moment” scenes is one of the key ways that writers have to “show, not tell” their story. Learn the basic elements of a scene – dialogue, setting, point of view, conflict, mood and flashback – and how to use them to develop characters, advance plot and create dramatic tension. Open to writers at all levels in fiction (short stories, novels), non-fiction or memoir.

Beginnings, Middles & Ends

Two-to-four session class or six-hour workshop
Private coaching available

Learn where to begin your story, how to end it in a satisfying way, and tips for developing everything in between. With a strong opening, promising rising action and a successful conclusion, your story will keep the reader turning the pages until the end. Open to non-fiction (memoir) and fiction writers at all levels.

Joy of Journaling

Two-to-four session class or six-hour workshop for adults
Private coaching available

There is a happy person inside you just waiting to come out! Journaling can help you find that person, reduce the stress in your life and get you through hard times. In this class, you’ll learn how to keep a journal, to find time to write in it and to let it help bring deep, emotional satisfaction to your life. No previous journaling experience necessary.

Dear Diary — for teens 12 years and older

A two-session class or four-hour workshop
Private coaching available

Keeping a diary can be a lot of fun! Learn how to express your feelings, remember the good times and share difficult ones with the reliable, trusted friednd that a diary can be. Writing techniques to open up creative writing skills will also be taught.

Journaling Workshops

Need a push to keep up with your journaling? Susan offers a journaling workshop for those who would like to learn new journaling techniques. In this workshop, you will work on:

  • establishing a regular journal writing routine,
  • focusing your particular unique and sometimes universal issues through your journaling, such as mid-life crisis, transitions or handling change,
  • finding your “voice” in your writing and feeling more comfortable sharing with the group.

Business Writing

A three session class or six-hour workshop
Private coaching available

Whether it’s an email message or a major business report, you can always impress the boss with writing that is clear, concise and persuasive. Sharpening your business writing skills could get you the promotion you have wanted or increase your company’s sales. In this class, you’ll learn techniques that will add punch and precision to your business letters, memos, presentations and reports. Working with your own writing, you will discover your strengths as a writer and work on shortcomings through illustrations and exercises that are designed to help you organize your thoughts, structure your presentation and bring your writing projects in on deadline.

How to Self-Publish

Self-publishing options have expanded tremendously in the past few years with more ways to publish your own writing at a reasonable cost. Learn how to prepare your manuscript for publishing, explore options both on-line and with a traditional printer and strategize about how to market your book in today’s high-tech world.

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