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Susan is the published author of fiction and non-fiction as well as numerous magazine, newspaper and newsletter articles. She has worked as a teacher and writing coach for the last fifteen years, helping writers with creative expression and storytelling skills.

Published Books

Susan is the author of Entering the Thriver Zone: A Seven-Step Guide to Thriving After Abuse  which she self-published in 2016. This book contains the motivational guidance that she has successfully used as the award-winning originator and facilitator of My Avenging Angel Workshops™ to help women who have been abused reclaim their lives. She has completed a novel, Awaken, to be published in Fall, 2017.  She is currently working on the second books in both her fiction and non-fiction series.


Susan is also an attorney and the author of three legal non-fiction books.

1. Sex-Based Employment Discrimination, a comprehensive 750-page manual for attorneys containing materials on the theory and practice of sex discrimination law. Published by West Group.
Download first 24 pages of SBE Discrimination (PDF file)

2. Sexual Harassment in Employment: A Lawyer’s Handbook, a practical, working handbook for lawyers on sexual harassment and employer liability. Published by Clark, Boardman & Callaghan, Chicago, Illinois.

3. What Every Employer Should Be Doing About Sexual Harassment, a handbook for employers, personnel and human resources staff that explains the laws outlawing sexual harassment and offers practical advice to investigate complaints and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Published by Bureau of Law & Business, Madison, Connecticut.

Published Articles

Other Opinion — O’Neill’s Approach:
A Sense of The Common Man

The Hartford Courant, November 2007
Download this article (PDF file)

Effective Treatment Programs for Abusive Men
Woman Magazine
, June, 2003
Download this article (PDF file)

Avenging Niece’s Murder Leads Lawyer to Start Workshops
Woman Magazine
, April 2003
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The Changes That Maggie’s Killing Brought
Other Opinion article, The Hartford Courant, December 22, 2000
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Finding Answers to Violence and A Way to Remember Maggie
Other Opinion article, The Hartford Courant, November 23, 1999
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