What I’m Reading – Summer 2014

It’s been a good summer for reading.  I’m in the middle of a triology by Ken Follett.  It’s his “Century Triology.” I’ve read the first and second books (“Fall of Giants” and “Winter of the World” but the third book — “Edge of Eternity” — comes out in the fall.  Can’t wait!!






Why this interest on my part in trilogies? Come to find out… How fascinating!… the novel that I have completed, “The Best Revenge” is in fact going to be a trilogy.  I’ve decided it is “The Best Revenge Triology and the first book will be “AWAKEN.”

Too much fun!  Now I’ve got to work on getting this first book out and complete the other two books. But I’m loving it!

I’ll let you know when it all comes together!!